Relinquishing your Pet

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Reevaluate your Situation

Many pet-related problems can be frustrating, and you may feel that relinquishing your pet is the only solution. But before you take that drastic step, be aware of the wealth of resources available to help pet owners such as yourself deal with problems that can seem overwhelming.

Behavior Problems

If you are dealing with a pet behavior problem, consider first consulting with your veterinarian. Many problems may be due to a treatable medical condition. For example, a house trained pet may begin urinating in the house due to a urinary tract infection rather than a behavior problem. Your veterinarian will be able to rule out any physical causes of the problem and may also be able to refer you to an animal behaviorist or trainer in your community who has the experience and expertise to help address your pet’s problem.

There are also many resources online and in our community that offer helpful tips on solving pet behavior problems.

Housing Problems

In a recent study, “moving” and “landlord won’t allow” were among the top reasons for the relinquishment of pets. If you are moving and are having trouble finding animal-friendly housing look online for ‘pet friendly rentals’ in your area.

Family Heath Problems

Do you or a family member have a health problem that makes it difficult to keep your pet? Check first with your physician for a medical opinion before taking this drastic step.

Ensure your pet has a safe and Caring New Home

Happy Tails Happy Homes, and other rescue agencies, screen potential adopters to make sure that they will be able to provide a safe, responsible, and loving home for your pet.



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